Meet the Team


Zoe Omega

Hi! My name is Zoe Omega (They/Them) and I’m the office coordinator with Seattle Voice Lab. I have been active in Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ community for 19 years and am excited to help people with their transition journey at the Lab. I enjoy helping the students get the support they need. Happy to help!

Hannah Sumner

Hi! My name is Hannah (She/Her) and I am a speech and voice coach at Seattle Voice Lab. I am a Berklee College of music graduate and am currently studying for a masters in Speech Pathology at Lehman College in NYC. I have been teaching for over ten years, and there is nothing I love more than helping my students succeed. My previous students have appeared on The Voice, American Idol, MTV and Broadway. I pride myself on creating a fun and safe environment that is uniquely tailored to every client. Working with SVL has been a dream come true! I would love to help you achieve your goals!

Dari Matilsky

Hi! My name is Dari (She/Her) and I’m a voice instructor here at Seattle Voice Lab! I have a masters degree in speech-language pathology and am currently working towards my certification and license. I also have a degree in voice performance and spent years performing as a live and studio vocalist. At the lab, we’ll address the mechanics of the voice, general vocal health knowledge, and learn how to apply these concepts so that you feel empowered to use your voice with confidence! I’m excited to learn with you and to help you find the voice that feels and sounds genuine to you in a safe and efficient way.

Nathan Morgan

Hi! My name is Nathan Morgan (He/Him) and I’m a speech coach/voice teacher at Seattle Voice Lab. I have performed on Broadway in The Phantom of the Opera, the CATS Revival, and on several National Tours. With a degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and having taught voice for over 20 years, I believe I can help improve voices by creating a positive, safe learning environment, and a physical awareness of the tools set forth in the curriculum. I count myself lucky to be a part of the journeys of the students at SVL, and look forward to helping increase the quality of life of any student who comes my way!

Rachel Beales

Hiya! My name is Rachel (She/Her) and I’m one of the vocal coaches here at the Lab. After transitioning and finding my own voice, I fell in love with voice work and followed my passion to help others like me to find theirs. I can help you to improve your voice by applying my lived experience and hundreds of hours of teaching to help you discover a voice that makes you feel more comfortable, safe and authentically you. The feeling of liberation that a vocal transformation can bring is truly significant – I’m thrilled to be part of the SVL team and to help you find that feeling for yourself.

Sara Glover

Hello! My name is Sara (She/Her) and I am a Vocal Coach with the Seattle Voice Lab! I have degrees in both Education and Vocal Performance from the State University of New York at Geneseo. With my experience teaching in the academic setting as well as teaching voice, I can bring a unique perspective to help you improve your voice by creating an empowering environment for you to take charge of your own learning experience while also creating a safe space to try new things and find what works best for YOU. I am so stoked to have the opportunity to work together with you at SVL and to allow you to find your voice!